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25 Jan 2015

Ferrari’s are not for everyone

Not everyone wants to drive a Ferrari … but then not everyone who gets to drive one is a good driver.

If your aim is to construct your own sleek machine – your business – you also have to ensure that you’re a great driver when you get behind the wheel.

To put it another way, a lot of business owners should be the CEO of their company rather than the head technician, but don’t know how.
Bosses come in many shapes and sizes with varying degrees of “hands on”, leadership, business acumen and ability to innovate.

You might not be able to excel at all aspects of running a business, but you have to at least know what they are, which of them are your strengths and which you really need to delegate.

In SeeSharp Productions, our team’s approach is to start by helping build your business into a Ferrari – streamlined, slick, powerful, efficient, responsive and head-turning.

We look at your operations, finance, marketing and sales and assess them to find the existing strengths and weaknesses.

Then we help you work on any weaknesses by building processes and putting tools in place to reach the goal of having all four components working smoothly together.

Some of it might be down to you, as the driver of the business, but some if it might depend on the mechanics or pit crew and some of it will be as simple as using the right tyres or fuel.

Let’s say you run a restaurant business, for example. It’s turning over good money, you have some reliable management and staff in place and you’re there every day, doing your bit to keep things running smoothly. Keeping the customers satisfied and keeping them coming back for more.

But could the business be even more successful if you had a different level of day-to-day engagement?

To use a different analogy, most successful people know how to play one or more instruments and maybe even compose some classical music, but not necessarily how to conduct an orchestra. There are some pretty fine lines between beautiful music and an awful racket.

In much the same way you can drive your Ferrari as if it’s a souped-up Commodore, failing to take full advantage of the design and engineering excellence you have at your disposal.

Part of what we help clients do is to identify how much of a technician they are, how much of a manager and how much of an entrepreneur, as well articulated in the classic book E-Myth Revisited.

Many of the clients we deal with are ready to become the CEO to drive their business in an entrepreneurial way, but they’re stuck being a manager or technician.

Which is not to stay that they’re not good – if you’re 100 percent entrepreneurial with no management or technical skills, that’s not good either.

We try to help people find that balance so they can confidently get behind the wheel and be an amazing driver.

There’s no point having a Ferrari if you don’t fully OWN it.


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