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25 Oct 2017

You Can’t Beat Google’s Algorithm Updates (And What You Can Do To Fix It)

As many of us can already attest to, the digital marketing landscape is a never-ending cycle of development and advancement. We’re seeing businesses scrambling to keep up with every change Google makes to its search algorithm, as well as with each Facebook interface update. It is a full time job in itself, combined with the day-to-day grind of running a business, it’s just not practical. .

As technology gets smarter, we’re going see many more changes made to not only the big players in digital, but also to emerging advertising platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin…the list goes on. Over time, it’s going to be extremely difficult and time-consuming to keep up.

Thankfully, there’s one ingredient in digital marketing that has always stood the test of time.

And that’s good-old quality content.

In fact, a major Google algorithm update made 2 years ago clearly forced marketers to think quality over quantity, penalising those who don’t provide high quality and relevant content for their audiences.

So as quality content undoubtedly becomes more vital to our success in the digital space, it’s only crucial we get right. Let’s delve into three key tips to put you on the right track to quality content greatness.

Tip #1 Stop Being Cute And Start Being Clear

In my eBook, I argue that taglines like “Just Do It” or “Think Different” wouldn’t be as effective in today’s noisy marketing world, because they are too ambiguous and require slightly too much thinking to process – audiences simply don’t want to think!

So quality content must get straight to the point and fast especially if you want any chance of cutting through the clutter and grabbing your audience’s attention. Latest studies shows that we now have an attention span of 8 seconds, so it’s almost like we are on a race to get straight to the point in world records!

As a rule of thumb , have a look at your current content and investigate whether it answers these questions:

  • What is it?
  • How can this make my life better?
  • What do I do to buy or engage?

Audiences who are instantly able to recognise the ‘What’s in it for me?” part of your messaging will be more likely to remain engaged for longer. So whether you’re producing blog posts, a video series, or a helpful guide, provide answers to questions , and keep it concise for your audience to gain the insight they need to learn about your business, and thus become customers.  


Tip #2 Produce Authenticity

Produce but don’t over produce. Your audience will definitely gravitate to a raw iPhone video of you pouring your heart out along with some smart captions, instead of a polished up professional masterpiece shot in 4K with a pretended outlook.

Today, audiences want to see things raw, real and authentic. Why else have we seen a big popularity boom in using Facebook Live videos, Instagram Stories and Snapchat? Quality content isn’t about getting caught up trying to perfect or refine your piece. Instead, it’s about letting your audiences see the natural and real side of your business – whether it’s through showcasing behind-the-scenes footage, recording live action or creating personal and intimate discussions.

Record videos on your phone. Even if the quality won’t be as professional, what matters is capturing authentic, intimate and personal content. So the next time your customer mumbles during his or her testimonial, add captions to make it more legible. If there’s too much background noise, overlay with music. Whatever the case, don’t try to perfect it: Aim to keep it authentic, personal and real.

Here’s what we did for GloBird and kept it real, authentic and raw.

Leave those grammar and spelling errors alone! Contrary to what people think, even slight mistakes can help lend a personal touch to your content. The founder of Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson, for example mentioned in his book that he deliberately leaves his grammar and spelling mistakes in his emails. His point? To show off his personality and to let his audience know it’s him.


Tip #3 Make them Smile, Make them Cry

The key to great and impactful content is to create emotion. And it’s no surprise why: Studies have shown that when we make purchasing decisions, we mostly rely on our emotions to govern our actions, rather than factual information.

It’s no wonder then that the type of content that goes viral are those which evoke happiness, laughter or delight. When we make people smile or laugh, not only are they more likely to maintain interest and engage with you, but they are also compelled into action: sharing on social media. Quality content taps best into these emotions by entertaining, creating humour and showcasing interesting content.

Even something stupid like this:

Empathise with your audience. Audiences often stumble onto your blog or website because they are looking to meet a need. This is where it’s critical to step into the shoes of your target market: What are they looking to solve? What are their pain points, and how can you help? The best content looks to answer the needs of their audience, and provides solutions to their problems. Focus on writing for your readers, and not on why your products are the best in the market.

Quality Content Is King

While Google and Facebook algorithms will continue to advance over time, quality content is (and remains to be) the key to building a successful digital marketing strategy in the long-term. The best content is always concise and to the point, adding value to your customers by empathising with their pain points, and maintaining authenticity. These tips will no doubt aid you in crafting valuable and engaging content to capture attention, and compel audiences to choose, and even trust, you over the competition. No SEO trick can get you this far.

In the next blog of this mini series, we will be building on this knowledge to explore the importance of social media for your marketing strategy. Stay tuned!


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